ALL HAIL AFIETADIS limited liability family (aha. llf.) is my family-owned business, just assume as a company because actually, it’s not a company, with the main focus is to identify and set the direction toward my family’s most important goals, not your goals. But sometimes it’s also able to help you who is honest and nice, only sometimes.

About This business

my family-owned business was born in 1983 at surabaya, east java under the auspice of the surabaya city population and civil registry office (dispendukcapil). it happens when I cry while the others smile and even laugh happily.

in 2015, when I smile and laugh happily while others also smile and maybe laugh happily, my family-owned business authorized by the surabaya city religious affairs office (kua) at gubeng district.

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at my end, when the others cry, hopefully not, i hope i can smile happily and this my family-owned business can continue forever, that’s more than enough.

my family-owned business legal information:
family card number xx xx 08 xx xx xx xx 13
date issued 25 april 2017
signed by r. moh. suharto wardoyo, sh, m.hum
the official position is head of the department of the surabaya city population and civil registration
employee id number 197208311997031004

Family And Friends


The Chief Executive Officer

He is the 4th Afietadis. His name is All Hail or just call him Hail. july 2019 he is already 36 months with a weight of 20 kilos and height almost parallel to my belly button. He is growing very fast in this digital era.


The Chief Financial Officer

She is my beautiful wife. Used to call Echa, Ica, or Am. Now she is residing in Surabaya with me. She is formerly a shopkeeper one of the leading clothing brands in Indonesia. Now she is a full-time housewife.


The Chief Operating Officer

It's me, not an artificial nomad boss that in charge of the day-to-day administration and operation of my family-owned business. my mindsets are residing in the core processes of this business.

don't work with me, please!

As coo and the only founder of this family-owned business, I’m only looking for unaccomplished and uninspired individuals to join me and ready to feel or look like shit when working with me in this business.

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since there is no system, organization, or mode of working in this world that tells you with the honest shit. although that’s the truth. here, i will tell you the truth about my business! no matter why, when you working with me sure you will be experiencing belittled, stifled, disrespected in meetings, put down by your teammates, feel bad, heavy, mixed up, patronized, overwhelmed, or basically just exhausted and will make you feel or look like shit, really… really shit!

read and learn carefully about that! Otherwise, JUST WALK AWAY, and don’t ask me to sit and drink coffee with you if you still don’t want to read and learn!

This position is for the CTO of my family-owned business. You must be a friend of my family, not a friendshit. Please apply for this position if you really like, really can, and really want this position. Take it easy! I will recruit you as long as you are ready to feel or look like shit when working, I promise!

a chief technology officer (cto) is an executive-level position whose occupation is focused on scientific and technological issues within my business. i’m seeking a highly-skilled cto with a history in the technological sector. the cto is tasked with making executive technology decisions on behalf of my business, including managing a technology budget and making investments to align my business with its vision for its technological needs. the cto should be a strategic thinker, an effective communicator, and an expert in technological development.

the cto will work directly under the chief operation officer (coo) and will act as both a technology and business expert, making decisions that will impact the current and future operations of my business.


  • setting a vision for how technology will be used in my business,
  • ensuring that the technological resources meet my business short and long-term needs,
  • outline the goals for research and development,
  • creating timelines for the development and deployment of all technological services,
  • making executive decisions on behalf of my business technological requirements,
  • acting as a mentor to team members,
  • maintaining a consumer-focused outlook and aiding in the delivering of information technology projects to market,
  • managing technology budgets and time frames,
  • staying on top of technology trends and developments,
  • last but not least, ensuring all technology practices adhere to regulatory standards.


  • working experience in a technological role,
  • advanced technological skillset and a demonstrated history with technology,
  • managerial or leadership experience,
  • exceptional team management skills,
  • ability to delegate efficiently,
  • excellent verbal and written communication,
  • knowledge of technological trends to build strategy,
  • understanding of budgets and business-planning,
  • mastering computer science or business administration is preferred,
  • ability to conduct technological analyses and research,
  • strategic thinking,
  • problem-solving aptitude,
  • and extensive industry knowledge with an eye towards the future.

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This position is for the CMO of MY family-owned business. You must be a friend of my family, not a friendshit. Please apply for this position if you really like, really can, and really want this position. Take it easy! I will recruit you as long as you are ready to feel or look like shit when working, I promise!

a chief marketing officer (cmo) is responsible for marketing activities in my business, overseeing the planning, development as well as execution of marketing and advertising initiatives. the cmo’s primary responsibility is to generate revenue by increasing sales through successful marketing for the entire business, leads brand management, using market research, product development, new business development, pricing, product marketing, distribution channel management, sales management, marketing communications, advertising, promotions, public relations, and customer service.

the cmo ensures my business message is distributed across channels and to targeted audiences in order to meet sales objectives. this means seeking out new ways to deliver messaging, such as digital platforms, mobile devices, video, and social media.

the cmo is reporting directly to the chief operation officer (coo). a number of senior vice presidents, vice presidents, directors and other senior marketing managers responsible for various parts of the marketing strategy are reporting directly to the cmo.

as a senior-level marketing professional, a chief marketing officer must be both analytical and creative, also possess extensive knowledge in a variety of disciplines such as production, information technology, legal, and finance. cmo’s often plan, direct, and coordinate marketing budgets in accordance with our company’s goals.


  • superb analytical skills,
  • demonstrated ability to lead and inspire a team,
  • outstanding communication and interpersonal skills,
  • flexibility,
  • passionate customer advocacy,
  • thorough knowledge of marketing principles, brand, product and service management,
  • deep understanding of changing market dynamics,
  • and entrepreneurial spirit.

if you’re an unaccomplished and uninspired individual seeking the next step in your career, as i had promised, my business is ready to recruit you as long as you are ready to feel or look like shit when working.

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This position is for the CCO of my family-owned business. You must be a friend of my family, not a friendshit. Please apply for this position if you really like, really can, and really want this position. Take it easy! I will recruit you as long as you are ready to feel or look like shit when working, I promise!

a chief communications officer (cco) is responsible for the public relations aspect within my business. the cco builds and sustains my business reputation for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. writes and delivers press releases and handles all communication sent to the public.


  • manage my business brand and reputation,
  • ensure public views my business favorably,
  • create and launch press releases and marketing campaigns,
  • contact members of the media to set up interviews with my business reps,
  • get my business featured on radio, tv, or the internet,
  • ensure that all opportunities for my business are fully vetted,
  • drive corporate strategy and message development, pitch and announcement strategies,
  • develop branding initiatives, internal communications, and external media relations,
  • determines communications strategy and execute programs to deliver communications objectives throughout my business,
  • develop communication strategies for delivery of my business culture and business strategy,
  • manage media relations and maximize media opportunities,
  • develop strong relationships with media reps,
  • develop delivery and packaging plans for my business messages,
  • develop internal and external publications such as newsletters, releases, email announcements, planned publications, on-line, intranet, video, special projects, and assignments,
  • also, create dedicated rich and creative content that is optimized for search engines.

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In fact, if we feel or look like shit when working but our accomplished work able to inspire the others, who will feel or look like shit after all!?!? So, let’s work while sit and drink coffee with me!