ALL HAIL AFIETADIS limited liability family (aha. llf.) is my family-owned business, just assume as a company because actually it’s not a company, with the main focus is to identify and set the direction toward my family’s most important goals, not your goals. But sometimes it’s also able to help you who is honest and nice, only sometimes.

About This business

my family-owned business was born in 1983 at surabaya, east java under the auspice of the surabaya city population and civil registry office (dispendukcapil). it happens when I cry while the others smile and even laugh happily.

in 2015, when I smile and laugh happily while others also smile and maybe laugh happily, my family-owned business authorized by the surabaya city religious affairs office (kua) at gubeng district.

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at my end, when the others cry, hopefully not, i hope i can smile happily and this my family-owned business can continue forever, that’s more than enough.

my family-owned business legal information:
family card number xx xx 08 xx xx xx xx 13
date issued 25 april 2017
signed by r. moh. suharto wardoyo, sh, m.hum
official position is head of the department of the surabaya city population and civil registration
employee id number 197208311997031004

Family And Friends


The Chief Executive Officer

He is the 4th Afietadis. His name is All Hail or just call him Hail. july 2019 he is already 36 months with weight 20 kilos and height almost parallel to my belly button. He is growing very fast like this digital world.


The Chief Financial Officer

She is my beautiful wife. Used to call Echa, Ica or Am. Now she is residing in Surabaya with me. She is formerly a shopkeeper one of the leading clothing brands in Indonesia. Now she is a full-time housewife.


The Chief Operating Officer

It's me, not an artificial nomad boss that in charge of the day-to-day administration and operation of my family-owned business. my mind-sets are residing in the core processes of this business.

don't work with me, please!

As coo and the only founder of this family-owned business, I’m only looking for unaccomplished and uninspired individuals to join me and ready to feel or look like shit when working with me in this business.

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You can read and learn more about that, here! Otherwise, juST WALK AWAY AND don’t ask me to sit and drink coffee with you if you still don’t want to read and learn!

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