all hail ngobrol: bagi-bagi ayam geprek buat teman-teman yang suka makan ayam geprek

all hail ngobrol bersama ayah pagi-pagi sambil nunggu pesanan soto untuk sarapan. all hail ngobrol tentang bermain, temannya, mimpinya, tentang ayam geprek makan kesukaan all hail, dan buat teman-teman yang suka makan ayam geprek, all hail juga mau bagi-bagi ayam … Continued

plywood boards joined april 19, 2020

please subscribe, like, comment, and share! okay! the first uploaded video is “our oldest skateboarding footages on youtube: surabaya skateboarder 50-50 grind at bungkul skatepark”, on februari 14, 2021. this is one of our oldest skateboarding footages on youtube, footages … Continued

moksha room space joined august 5, 2019

this is not very official youtube channel about moksha. moksha is the description of how our effort, initiative, and resourcefulness were used because we are unlimited ourselves. first video uploaded… august 5, 2019. second video uploaded… august 29, 2019. third … Continued

tropical island beaches joined june 17, 2019

welcome to tropical island beaches! this channel is some kind of the official youtube channel, maybe… first video uploaded… june 17, 2019. second video uploaded… september 8, 2019. third video uploaded… september 22, 2019. fourth video uploaded… september 22, 2019. … Continued