all hail’s dad: daddy do skateboarding practice for the next summer olympics games tokyo 2021

…26 august 2018. a video as a receipt, my receipt when a men do skateboard practice for tokyo @olympics 2021. #energyofasia. #shot09952 📲: @ecasajaa. skateboard: a skateboard is a type of sports equipment used primarily for the sport of skateboarding. … Continued

plywood boards joined april 19, 2020

please subscribe, like, comment, and share! okay! the first uploaded video is “our oldest skateboarding footages on youtube: surabaya skateboarder 50-50 grind at bungkul skatepark”, on februari 14, 2021. this is one of our oldest skateboarding footages on youtube, footages … Continued shutted down

in the last two years, skateshop indonesia website successfully gain more online customer than base on that data, since 2019 i choose to reduce website operational cost and maximize skateshop indonesia website by redirect all online customer to skateshop indonesia website and in 1st april 2020, … Continued

old footages of adi nugroho a.k.a. somad

Dari timbunan arsip footage yang sudah berumur delapan tahun, kami menemukan beberapa footage Adi Nugroho a.k.a. Somad dari Madiun, Jawa Timur. Waktu itu Somad masih menjadi rider ESS Skateboards Supply atau lebih dikenal dengan nama ENDCIDENTIAL Skate Shop waktu itu. Kumpulan footage Adi Nugroho a.k.a. … Continued