50-50 grind frontside out – trick without tips #47

A skateboarding clip by Mamak Bullshit! 50-50 Grind Frontside Out – Trick Without Tips #47 A video as a receipt when Mamak Kurniawan showing how he landed his 50-50 grind frontside out on a fun box at Ketabang skatepark, Surabaya … Continued

first time drop in mini ramp – obstacle diary #47

A skateboarding clip by Mamak Bullshit!First Time Drop In Mini Ramp – Obstacle Diary #47. A video as a receipt when a skateboarder for the first time drop in mini ramp at Bungkul skatepark, Surabaya – Indonesia. Skateboard: A skateboard … Continued

mokshfeast discover team 2019

Mokshfeast Discover Team is a team dedicated specifically to uncovering several exotic places in East Java to be recommended as a place for the next Mokshfeast, that is Mokshfeast The Untold Story (Mokshadelic Season). This process takes 8 days and … Continued

a new spell for urbanites

Mokshfeast is a new spell for urbanites. Since Mokshfeast is an urban art festivals carried out in an open space, which puts forward an environmentally friendly message as self-enlightenment to more positive direction. Finally, #mokshapeople is free to spell the … Continued

sebuah lubang hitam (black hole) berhasil diperawani melalui foto

Pada tanggal 10 April 2019, para ilmuwan usil yang selalu memakai jaringan teleskop global untuk menyalurkan hobinya mengintip lubang hitam, untuk pertama kalinya mereka berhasil menangkap foto sebuah lubang hitam supermasif dan bayangannya di pusat galaksi yang dikenal sebagai M87, … Continued

sneak peek cariide.id mobile app

Mamak Bullshit! Sneak Peek CARIIDE.ID Mobile App.CARIIDE.ID or CI is the best app to find, develop and realize any idea, both innovation and entrepreneurship. Thank’s so much for watching this video!Please subscribe to this my Youtube channel;https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS6nof-2AOma3xj3T9k48xg?sub_confirmation=1

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