Mokshfeast Discover Team 2019

Mokshfeast Discover Team is a team dedicated specifically to uncovering several exotic places in East Java to be recommended as a place for the next Mokshfeast, that is Mokshfeast The Untold Story (Mokshadelic Season). This process takes 8 days and … Continued

Mokshfeast Discover The Hidden Land (Extended)

In 2017 was held an event called: Mokshfeast Discover The Hidden Land. This is just a reminder for you, a warming up for the next Mokshfeast event. So, what is Mokshfeast? Mokshfeast is an urban art festivals carried out in … Continued

Journey Of Love Because Love Is Verb

Journey Of Love Because Love Is Verb.It is a story of the foundation of why Mokshfeast was created. Please read it completely! Love is something we must do at any time without denial! To give or do the best when … Continued

Sneak Peek CARIIDE.ID Mobile App

Mamak Bullshit! Sneak Peek CARIIDE.ID Mobile App.CARIIDE.ID or CI is the best app to find, develop and realize any idea, both innovation and entrepreneurship. Thank’s so much for watching this video!Please subscribe to this my Youtube channel;

Never Available Life of The Afietadis

When We Will Die?!?​ …sekilas tentang kami, sebuah keluarga kecil dalam kehidupan yang tidak pernah tersedia. Skateboarding + Traveling AFIETADI itu nama keluarga kami yang selalu jadi nama depan kami. Nama ini diambil dari nama depan AFIETADI yang pertama. Sedikit … Continued

Gumarang Kereta Bisnis kelas Asongan

seperti inilah kondisi sebenarnya di dalam kereta api kelas bisnis gumarang. kondisi ketika kereta api berhenti di sebuah stasiun dan seketika mengubah kelas bisnis menjadi kelas asongan. entah di masa yang akan datang nanti, apakah tetap seperti ini, atau bahkan … Continued

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