madiun cinta kamu 3 skateboarding competition

madiun cinta kamu #3 or mck #3 is a local skateboarding competition event in city of madiun. an event that organized by madiun skateboarder at september 7th 2014. one of our skateboard brand, enddustries skateboards was sponsored this event. this … Continued

surabaya extreme challenge skateboarding competition

surabaya extreme challenge was organized by surabaya city government to celebrate the anniversary of surabaya city. the event is skateboarding competition, bmx competition and aggressive inline skate competition. ENDdustries Skateboards team riders participate in Skateboarding competition to enliven and to … Continued

ompalompa and zealot never end skateboarding competition

OmpaLompa and Zealot never END skateboarding competition for beginner under 17th. … This video showing Best Trick Contest after OmpaLompa and Zealot never END skateboarding competition for beginner under 17th, it happen in November 27 2011 at Ketabang skatepark Surabaya. … Continued

madiun cinta kamu #2 skateboarding competition

madiun cinta kamu #2 skateboarding competition is officially supported by ENDdustries Skateboards. after party video; thank’s so much for watching this video!please subscribe to this my youtube channel;mamak kurniawan youtube channel

magetan skate jam 2010

endcidential skateshop officially supported this event to support our local skateboards. … picts from magetan skateboarder skateboard competition in magetan, east java. endjoy this video; you can download it here [the link is broken, ask fbi for the reason], video by me. thank’s so much … Continued

metropolis skate competition

metropolis skate competition was held in metropolis apartment surabaya. eddo paais, the first rider of endcidential has won the metropolis skate competition’s bect trick contest in november 16 2008. congratulations for eddo paais. enjoy the prize! … picts by iput … Continued

picture from skatenow semarang

ENDcidential SkateShop and Zealot Skateboards team go to Semarang. Come to attending Semarang Skate Now Skateboarding Competition. ENDcidential SkateShop team are : Ma2k, Somad Adi, Eddo Paais, Andriansyah. Zealot Skateboards team are : Iput, Evan Black, Dadang the Gamblez, Juli Candra. unOfficial support from … Continued