surabaya go skateboarding day 2011

enddustries skateboards officially support this event.

picts taken from surabaya skateboarder fb group

some photos:

banner and box for Surabaya Go Skateboarding Day event

all the logos brands that support this event was sticked on this box  

ready to go parade  

field coordinator of the parade  

starting the parade  

keep pushing your board little boy…  

yeah!!! happy Go Skateboarding Day!!!  

metal… metal… metal…  

break for a while then pushing again more fast…  

sweaty and sore eyes, is that the Surabaya Skateboarding condition?  

all happy and yelling, yeah!!!  

what’s that mean? but I like your style, boy!   


migrants from Probolinggo…  

yeahhh yeahhh yeahhh…  

executive committee  

face of a thirsty and exhausted skateboarder  

premiere holyshit skate video

the winner of best line in surabaya go skateboarding day 2011

congrats for endcidential skateshop rider, afry ansyah as the winner of best line in surabaya go skateboarding day event! he win this contest with nollie 5-0 on box, nollie lipslide on rail and fs kickflip on flat. he landing all the trick using enddustries prototype bearing, puppets asmat deck from triple trouble series, big truck and wearing owlvetica t-shirt.

video from surabaya go skateboarding day 2011;

words and picts by me.

download link for hd video available here. [link is broken, please ask FBI for the reason]

thank’s so much for watching this video!
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