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a short skateboarding video.
introducing gregorius aldwin from surabaya.

filmed and edited by me. if you want to download HD video, follow this link:

thank’s so much for watching this video!
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some photos…

afry ansyah, one of our friends were injured and lovingly cared by his girlfriend.

behind us these people were reading the paper regardless of what we are doing.

box becomes the first obstacle for gregory aldwin. i like when gregorius aldwin doing this very nice kickflip!

they are all gregorius aldwin supporters.

andyo come with someone to see us.

andyo may soon finish his studies and working on a video together again.

take a rest for a moment of trick.

backside heelflip, the trick that not landing yet.

because the deck is broken.

new spot with nice ledge to do 50-50 grind on it.

another spot to do 50-50 grind on it.

friends who have accompanied when we go to the new spot.

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