straight lines digital transformation consulting

supposed to be a loyal friend for your digital transformation

about digital transformation (dx)

digital transformation (abbreviation dt, or sometimes dx) is just a new style of using digital technology as a solution to conventional or traditional problems. this dx turned out to be able to realize new alternate innovation and creativity inherent with those solutions, not just bland solutions to improve and support conventional or traditional methods.


if exemplified concretely, dx can refer to the concept of "paperless" in which its achievements can affect every individual and all segments of society, such as government, mass communication, art, medicine, and science.

the fact...

dx is happening at different speeds in each region. in the United States only 18% of its digital potential. then in Europe, Germany is only 10% and Britain is almost on par with the United States, which is 17% of its digital potential.

off the (v)ision, (m)ission, and (e)ssence

what i do off the vision, mission, and essence in general, straight lines dx consulting or SL dx consulting is one of my activities that supposed to be able to realize the harmony of my friendship with you, that is a friendly relationship not friendshit or friendly bullshit that “merely” is a “shit-flavored chocolate”. so I will be faithful to accompany you in dx to increase efficiency, competitiveness, accessibility and innovate with long-term effects on your operational models, production, finance, and marketing. you do bullshit, i’ll do more bullshit.

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but you still want to understand it

it’s okay if you still want to understand it first, it’s very good. I once hoped that the technology I learned, developed, and used would be able to solve social problems. unfortunately, more and more technology is being used by us but it is creating more social problems for us. so I beg you, please understand this and do more bullshit!

tapi ini dan itu masih banyak tapi dan tapinya. jadinya…

silahkan ngopi saja kalau begitu! mudah-mudahan dengan ngopi saja, semua ini dan itu dengan sendirinya menjadi tidak ada tapi dan tapinya lagi.

masih ada sebagian ini dan itu, atau tidak semuanya yang belum sepenuhnya mau. jadi…

ayo ngopi dulu! mudah-mudahan dengan ngopi dulu, sebagian ini dan itu, bahkan yang belum sepenuhnya mau menjadi sepenuhnya mau.

mau sepenuhnya, semua ini dan itu sudah butuh dan paham.

ayo ngopi deh! lalu segera sudahi ngopi di tempatmu, di tempatku atau di tempat ngopi lainnya agar tidak semakin tertinggal oleh peradaban yang tidak pernah mati.

don't sit and drink with me!

if you need an offer from me, or you need a consultation with me, or you want to collaborate with me, or you are still unsure and confused about where to start? please discuss it carefully with yourself. don’t have some coffee with me for discussing how I can help you.