skateboarding footages video collection #3

some skateboarding footage video collection with raw edit by me. enjoy and hope can motivate you all to make your skateboarding for happiness, #skateboarding4happiness!

frontside heart

Flip your Frontside Heart with this Heel. when you can landed your frontside heelflip in the hot sunny day on this obstacle, you’ll know how the feeling. at that time your heart will flipped to loving skateboarding. Frontside Heelflip by Afri Ansyah. Location at Banyuwangi Skatepark. Filmed and Smoked by me.

no comment

don’t comment if you don’t know about this video!!! dancing: iput zealot. ollie over gap: agung hb. filmed by: me.

mencoba noseslide
midnight run
skateboarder syariah
listen the sound
like the old days
sunday never be the same
pantang pulang
last night
sabtu yang itu…
martial music art
heelflip to fs noseslide
tailslide bigspin
siaran tunda
360 flip
50-50 aja
heelflip mute grab
50-50 nollie big spin
50-50 grind
alone at jj park
noseslide 270 . out
ledge at bungkul skatepark

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