my personality

a rare archetype,
only 1–2% of the population.

i'm a former internet con-artist who has obsessive-compulsive disorder but not too severe, also has natural enterprising and investigative trait. i'm confident and enjoy discussing problems in depth to find practical solutions. i'm an intellectuals that like working with ideas, and my entrepreneurial nature allows me to persuade people to jump on board and work with me. but sometimes i need time to be alone with my thoughts.


i'm a mastermind

my experience

03/05: expired
rocket team leader

it's only a water rocket team and not a rocket to go to space, at least i can get to know about rocket technology more than a layman.

04/05: expired
head of department

being a student on campus will not be complete if it is not active in the campus organization. being the head of the interest and talent department in my campus from 2004 to 2005 was one of my ways to make it complete.

04/06: resign
part-time video editor

while i'm in college, between 2004 till 2006 i work as part-time video editor for pt. cell Indonesia, a human resources development company in surabaya, east java - indonesia.

06/06: expired
mechanical engineer

as a mechanical engineer, i'm only useful for my friends who need my advice, both for their business, for their project and for their family.

07/08: expired
video editor

i left my campus and continued to work as a video editor at urban poor linkage (uplink) in surabaya from 2007 to 2008. this was just a cover so that i could always make love with a computer or laptop connected to the digital world through internet.

08/09: resign
indocs staff

in 2008 to 2009 i was appointed as information and documentation staff at urban poor linkage (uplink) in east jakarta. i'm not just a video editor but also a media planner and digital campaigner.

08/10: expired
part-time videographer

during the span of 2008 to 2010, i was joined a group of video workers formed by several organizations such as, gef-sgp (undp), insight, uplink, and several others that i did not mention.

10/10: expired
digital campaigner

in 2010 i had to return to surabaya because there was an election for mayor and by one of the candidates, i was hired as a digital campaigner in his very successful team.

10/13: expired
part-time webmaster

from 2010 to 2013 i became a part-time webmaster (remotely work) for a national network of domestic workers (jala-prt), a non-profit organization in indonesia.

12/12: dismissed
social media admin

in 2012, i was a social media admin for a distributor company of oakley eyewear, which is domiciled in the island of bali.

13/15: expired
digital marketing

from 2013 to 2015 i was very confident with my own business. although at the moment i'm only responsible for digital marketing matters, while other matters i entrust to all my friends both in reality and on the internet.

14/16: expired
freelance web developer

while running my own business, i still work as a freelance web developer from 2014 to 2016. i only work on websites for my friends, whether their businesses, projects or for their families.

16/17: dismissed
digital strategist

in early 2016, a startup company with a substantial source of funding hired me as a digital strategist. ranging from strategies for the business, the product development strategies, also strategies to deal with their friends, families, and wives.

19/19: resign
part-time technology support

since march till december 2019 i'm a part-time digital technology support of moksha indonesia, an event producer in surabaya, east java - indonesia.

19/20: resign
senior mastermind

since august 2019 till july 2020 i work as a senior mastermind of negeri baja solutions in surabaya, east java - indonesia. i cover the technology solutions for the partner's needs and helped by the product owner and fullstack developer team to realize.

my current occupation

dx consultant

since november 2017 i'm a digital transformation (dx) consultant with the trade name mamak kurniawan in surabaya, east java - indonesia. since then, i no longer need a cover to be able to make love with a device that is connected to my digital world via the internet.

chief technology officer

since december 2019 i work as a chief technology officer of semanggi apps in surabaya, east java - indonesia. my occupation is focused on the scientific and technological issues for all those semanggi apps.

technology officer

since april 2020, when the pandemic spread all over the world, i'm join an experiment project in surabaya, east jave - indonesia, called karantivi, an art show virtual stage on the internet.

my soft skills

critical thinking

i can define and solve new problems by involves conceptualizing, analyzing data, and synthesizing, as well as draw conclusions and reason from those analyses.

complex communication

i'm able to take technical terms and explain it so can create an understanding and buy-in of the goals and processes.


my creativity can look at a problem and think of new ways to solve a problem in ways that at first glance often seem off-the-wall.


i will collaborate with employees in different roles and departments by giving an equal voice, eliminating silos, and involved in the entire process.

flexibility and adaptability

i can easily change course and adapt quickly, i'm flexible and can pivot easily since everything will not always go according to plan.

productivity and accountability

i can get a lot done quickly since i know how to find more hours in the day than everyone else and i'm accountable for my work.

my degree

1988 - 1990: graduate

tunas indah kindergarten, surabaya - jawa timur, indonesia

1990 - 1996: graduate

public elementary school of barata jaya 2 no. 203, surabaya - jawa timur, indonesia

1996 - 1999: graduate

perak 1st public junior high school, jombang - jawa timur, indonesia

1996 - 1999: dropout

gading mangu ldii islamic boarding school, perak, jombang - jawa timur, indonesia

1999 - 2002: graduate

16th public high school, surabaya - jawa timur, indonesia

2002 - 2006: graduate

institut teknologi 10 nopember, surabaya - jawa timur, indonesia
i'm not a bachelor engineer but the technological knowledge that i got from 2002 to 2006 at my campus, led me to the choice of digital technology for me to work on.

my certificate

2020: pass

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2020: pass

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2020: pass

judge of product development competition of informatics 2020 certificate from himatif-fmipa of padjadjaran university, sumedang - jawa barat, indonesia

2020: pass

belajar dasar-dasar html dan css certificate from codepolitan, bandung - jawa barat, indonesia

2020: pass

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2019 - 2020: pass

work with computers certificate, access information online certificate, communicate online certificate, participate safely and responsibly online certificate, create digital content certificate, collaborate and manage content digitally certificate from microsoft digital literacy, redmond - washington, united states

2019: pass

ipv6 certificate from hurricane electric ipv6 certifications, fremont - california, united states

2010: pass

internet basic certificate from bamboomedia brain-o-meter, denpasar - bali, indonesia

my interest

and travel

i’m very lazy but will be happy to think of something and to travel somewhere since i’m falling in love with skateboarding. skateboarding made me think about how to do the trick and how to buy the best skateboard part. skateboarding also made me travel somewhere to find a playground or a skatespot and to find some skateboarder friends.

my contact