just to satisfy my lust,
to have fun, to survive and be able...
to achieve happiness.


undoubtedly it's everything;
live in reality doesn't need any more lip service and deception (that impersonate politeness) to reach something (that actually harming and hurting the others) because digital technology and digital world undoubtedly become everything for everyone (take a note, it become everything), everyone can get everything, shit-flavored chocolate, chocolate-flavored chocolate, chocolate-flavored shit and shit-flavored shit. it will make the reality much and much better than today (that's what i believe) since reality is the only thing that's real (james halliday quote). and finally we (all the afietadis) can get everything, in reality, is as it is, chocolate-flavored chocolate and shit-flavored shit.
- afietadi mamak kurniawan -
story as a merchant;
...if the desire to buy is always there but not always have money, i think selling is one way to always be able to buy and to get money, i.e. buy some stuff to be processed and sold, buy some stuff to be used and sold, or buy some stuff to be sold directly such as muhammad the apostle of god in his story as a merchant.
- afietadi mamak kurniawan -

me oh me!

pickers and thrifters √√ i'm so horny with all about hunting, collecting, creating and selling any good stuff. even i'm very passionate with a unique experience of pickers and thrifters when digging in through junkyard, home garage, abandoned warehouse, cluttered cabinets and shelves, the musty smell of who-knows-what spreading in the air, and of course the possibility of finding some good stuff or maybe really awesome stuff. it's the ultimate proof that one person's trash can be another person's treasure.

the vehicle
the hamzah price

skateboarding :| i’m very lazy but will be happy to think of something and to travel somewhere. lucky me, in an islamic (ldii) boarding school i was introduced to skateboarding. skateboarding made me think about how to do the trick and how to buy the best skateboard part. skateboarding also made me travel somewhere to find a playground or a skate spot and to find some skateboarder friends. that’s why i’m falling in love with skateboarding.


concrete wave

digitalism /# in the first decade of the 21st century, being able to surf the internet in my leisure making me an internet con-artist. be grateful, i'm no longer an internet con-artist. as long as being an internet con-artist i didn't realize i've got a lot of knowledge and experience in digital technology, digital world, how to attract and how to convince people on the internet.

mail order
working space

experience !? besides being an internet con-artist, i have various background jobs, for a while ago i was a camera person, a video editor, a content developer, a freelance web developer, and a digital strategist, also a mechanical engineer, a manufacturing engineer and a digital developer that responsible for engineering, developing and supporting digital solutions or digital products for business operations including production, manufacturing, warehousing, fulfillment, marketing, and finance. now i just do that fully on a freelance basis if i'm not too lazy to do that. unless you hire me with a clear employment contract. please learn my resume and hopefully what i write on my resume can make you hire me.

shoot them all
strategize not a pro
peeking my wallet

occupation @$ while i’m selling skateboarding products and any other good stuff, both local brand and international branded products, from handmade to vintage items, i'm running the all hail afietadis llf. as a family-owned business company with the main focus is to identify and set the direction toward my family's most important goals. this main focus includes the research and development of ideas and concepts; embedding digital, analytics, and design into core processes and mind-sets; building capabilities that help my family to thrive in a state that is constantly changing; and developing supremacy in processing to make sure that actions translate into outcomes, quickly and sustainably. sometimes it's also able to help and cooperate with any of you, influencers, designers, creator, craftsmen, brand owner, fashion labels, artists, thriftmen or pickers or thrifters like me, thrift store, home-based sellers, manufacturers, the honest government company, any other nice company both in indonesia and occasionally abroad, across various sectors, both public and private, in the world and the hereafter, to create the change in the ways that matter most to you. so, let’s cooperate without harming and hurting!

my store
a sanctuary

leisure çç after i got married in 2015, i spent my leisure with the afietadis while occasionally exploring the hospitality of my family and my friends, of course also in their leisure. otherwise, if you want to explore my hospitality, please take me a little shred with skateboard either at the skatepark or at the skate spot. let's go on traveling for skateboarding!


the afietadis

happiness ¡! as an addition and affirmation, alone or with family and friends, my main mission is just to satisfy my lust, to have fun, to survive and be able to achieve happiness, in this case is become a "family businessperson" and a "power-seller" who can run family-owned business and can sell to worldwide buyers through this digital world.

on my skateboard
all hail son
on traveling