a documentary,
an adventure, and equipment...
to reach happiness.

i'm running the all hail afietadis llf. as a family-owned business company and everything in here is a documentary about straight lines of my life in running a family-owned business company and as an online seller for skateshop indonesia and endhonesa online store. all here is a worthless set of my receipt.

for me, running a family-owned business and becoming an online seller is an adventure although i'm not an expert in a family-owned business, online seller or an internet marketer. i'm just a "family businessperson" and a "power-seller" wannabe, who explore and learn to use digital technology platform on the internet.


my business and selling activities always use various devices, including mobile devices, computer and internet of things (iot) devices to exploit various digital technology, digital media, e-commerce website, online shop, online marketplace, social media marketing, onsite and offsite search engine optimization, web app, hybrid or native mobile app, also cloud computing system. all of that is an equipment of my life.