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comprehensive digital marketing


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19 july 2019

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dear my friend,

thank you for the opportunity to discuss about kml food‘s digital marketing needs, including inbound marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing, paid media, and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Based on my personal experience to this day, i’m confident i can significantly increase the kml food‘s site traffic, visitors engagement, and conversions rate within the next 48 weeks.

i have been delivering (hopefully) best-in-class digital marketing services to my friends for over 10 years. based on kml food‘s current digital marketing needs, my recommended approach will focus on lead generation and conversion optimization. my honest and nice methodologies will attract high quality traffic to kml food‘s site through content that’s valuable to the target visitors. my conversion optimization techniques ensure all digital marketing tactics used will deliver nice return on investment.

i employ a wide range of research tools to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will meet kml food‘s acquisition goals. if there is any questions or concerns about this proposal, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me at

i'm with my ceo


mamak kurniawan,
digital departement of moksha indonesia.

Scope of Services

lead generation

  • inbound marketing and content strategy
    inbound marketing is a technique to attract visitors to the brand and products via original content. it would be delivered in the form of blog articles, videos, lead magnets, and social media posts, this content builds trust with potential visitors by providing them with something they value.
diagram #1: attract, convert, close and delight
diagram #1: attract, convert, close and delight

providing consistently valuable content for target visitors is a time-intensive process involving a significant amount of research, writing, editing, publishing, and distributing. let me take care all of that. my team of content creators will produce articles on topics relevant to the target visitors.

videos + photo are a valuable, powerful way to tell story of the brand, to showcase the product, and to engage with the target visitors. i’m not talking infomercials here, i’m talking about compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make online presence come to life. there are a lot of pieces involved in developing a compelling video + photo, but my extensive experience has taught me how to be a lean, mean, production machine.

an effective lead magnet is an essential part of attracting qualified leads into marketing funnel. i can identify and produce valuable content that the target visitors is willing to exchange their contact information for. in addition to creating the lead magnet content, i will design a compelling landing page and drip email campaign to nurture leads for marketing team.


starts with knowing where the online presence currently stand; only then can determine where it want to be. my 6-step search engine optimization (seo) audit allows me to perform in-depth research on existing site and provide specific recommendations to improve current rankings. i will continue to monitor site’s search performance and optimize all new content for search.

as part of a holistic content and seo strategy, it’s essential to build quality backlinks to the site. this is one of the hardest things to do, and something most digital marketers fall short on. one of the most effective ways to build inbound links to the site is to guest blog on other quality sites. if writing blog posts takes a lot of time, guest blogging takes it up a notch, but have no fear! my team understands the importance of getting valuable backlinks, and knows how to find the most relevant blogs to be featured on.

  • content distribution strategy
    great content doesn’t hold much value if no one reads it. that’s why it is essential to develop a strong content distribution strategy.
diagram #2: inbound marketing content distribution
diagram #1: attract, convert, close and delight

both organic and paid social media techniques are essential to delivering content to the target visitors. i use a variety of tools to deliver content across a mix of social networks, including facebook, instagram and youtube. these tools allow me to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. how is that? i make sure it is in the loop with a content calendar that defines what goes to whom, where, and when.

i assume, currently it has a list of emails, so i’ll make sure that list receives the right content when it’s most appropriate. maybe email marketing is passé, but with a 3700% roi and $37 returned for every $1 spent, email is still one of the most effective digital marketing techniques (source: email marketing stats 2019).

organic social media and email marketing are great distribution channels, but they’re limited by their reach of the target visitors. in order to extend the reach of messaging further than the email lists and social media followers, we will employ sophisticated paid media techniques to distribute content to the target visitors via social media ads, search engine marketing, sponsored content and display advertising.

Scope of Services

conversion optimization

  • analytics
    before i can implement a complete conversion rate optimization plan, i will need to implement the appropriate web analytics tracking tools on  the site to gain insight into visitors behaviour. i’ll set up conversion tracking for both macro and micro conversions to accurately measure digital marketing success and return on investment. below is examples of conversions:
    • write comment
    • subscribing to an email list
    • register an account
    • downloading a lead magnet
    • submit content 
  • conversion rate optimization (cro)
    once analytics tracking is in place, i will implement a thorough optimization plan to improve conversion rates. webpage testing methods such as, a/b tests and multivariate tests will allow me to optimize each of the landing pages to ensure the page design and copy is delivering the most conversions possible. i also track numerous engagement metrics such as bounce rate, pages per session, and average time on site to ensure the best user experience.

Scope of Services


how to know if all of this is working? don’t worry, i provide on going reports including valuable campaign metrics and results, as well as a summary of all the awesome optimizations and insights i gained from the previous month. i’ll tell marketing team which pieces of content, social channels, and paid media tactics are performing the best, how many conversions are obtained, and what i’m doing to deliver those conversions as effectively as possible.

the result


development of lead magnets as well as search engine optimization will result in up to 1000% organic website traffic for target keywords.


paid media will result in up to 500% of paid website traffic


using multivariate analysis will increase conversion rate on landing pages up to 200%.


combined with the increased website traffic, the overall digital marketing strategy will result in 25 times of more leads.


to complete the work outlined in the project scope, i’ll need approximately eight weeks to the going live date, depending on feedback at each milestone. upon signing the proposal, i’m prepared to start work immediately.

  • kickoff meeting
    • understand the current online presence
    • request access for all digital assets
  • analytics implementation, website audit, content and keyword research
  • digital strategy development
    • lead generation strategy
    • conversion optimization strategy
  • present strategy
    • the initial analysis report
    • strategic lead generation solution
    • strategic conversion optimization solution
  • comprehensive content development
    • blog articles, video + photo, lead magnets, guest blogging, social media, email marketing and ads or paid media
  • email and paid media campaign setup
    • setup email campaign automation
    • setup social media ads manager
  • go live
    • publish blog articles, video + photo and lead magnets on website
    • publish guest blogging content on third-party blog
    • distribution to social media
    • running email campaign automation
    • all major search engine submission
    • running social media ads
  • weekly conversion rate optimization
    • track numerous engagement metrics
    • landing page testing and a/b tests or split tests
    • measure digital marketing success
    • measure return on investment
  • weekly content distribution
    • publish blog articles, video + photo and lead magnets on website
    • publish guest blogging content on third-party blog
    • distribution to social media
    • running email campaign automation
    • all major search engine submission
    • running social media ads
  • weekly social media monitoring
    • track numerous audience demographic
    • measure engagement rate
  • four weekly (monthly) reporting
    • content, social channels, keywords and paid media tactics perform metrics and results
    • lead generation and conversion result
    • optimizations and insights summary


research and strategy development cost is $5500;

  • competitive research, audience, website audit, content development and keyword research.
  • scoping, planning and presentation of strategy.
  • one time payment, paid at week 4.

analytics implementation cost is $747;

  • implementation of website analytics and social media analytics.
  • all relevant micro and macro conversion event tracking.
  • one time payment, paid at week 4.

four weekly (monthly) blog articles creation cost is $650;

  • research will inform blog article topics and content relevant to the industry and target audience.
  • 2 – 3 article per week.
  • 11 times payment @$650, paid per 4 weeks, paid at week 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 31, 36, 40, 44, and week 48.

lead magnet development cost is $1000;

  • valuable long-form content relevant to the industry and target audience.
  • including individual landing pages and lead forms.
  • 1 – 2 landing pages and lead forms.
  • two times payment @$1000, paid at week 8 and week 32.

video + photo content creation cost is $2500;

  • video + photo development, including pre-production, shooting or filming, equipment, post-production, editing, graphics, narration and music licensing.
  • two times payment @$2500, paid at week 8 and week 32.

guest blog post creation cost is $1500;

  • includes all writing and editing responsibilities, as well as managing execution with third-party blogs.
  • 20 – 30 blog post per 12 week. 
  • four times payment @$1500, paid per 12 weeks, paid at week 8, 20, 32, and week 44.

four weekly (monthly) content distribution execution cost is $1000;

  • website administration.
  • onsite and offsite search engine optimization.
  • managing guest blogging, social media, email marketing and paid media.
  • 11 times payment @$1000, paid per 4 weeks, paid at week 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, and week 48.

four weekly (monthly) paid media spend is $500;

  • recommended to most effectively leverage ad spend for effect reach and segmentation of the campaign.
  • 11 times payment @$500, paid per 4 week, paid at week 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, and week 48.

total investment for 48 weeks is $42897;

  • conversion: $1 = IDR10000
  • please convert it!

working class

why us?

we do not rely on certification from any authorities. rather, we relies on works that we have worked on. we will always deliver the best possible return on investment for our friends and hopefully we can strive to be leaders in this industry who more trusting on certification. 


mamak kurniawan

director of strategy, digital marketing specialist and front end developer.


pak eko prast

operation officer and administration


Nico Michael Eduard

social media specialist and marketing


Bayu Martdiansyah, SM

content creator or videographer


Dwee N Chyn

content marketing and photographer


moza utama

photographer and videographer

closing message

dear my friend,

thank you for taking a look at this proposal! if there is any questions or concerns about this proposal, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

i'm with my ceo


mamak kurniawan,
digital departement of moksha indonesia.

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