photo and video productions – deprecated

Once upon a time video only interested but become the continuity for me. A lazy person (and that is me), who likes to think, be interested to see the movies or video because just looking, listening and remaining undisturbed thinking.

Documented outdoor activity since I graduated from high school, got NGO’s friend that hired me to produce some documentary video and sometimes filming for my skateboarding with some skateboarders, all made this eventually be running events every day.

Just like that and at that time I’m falling in love with this videography.
Sorry, I’m not falling in love with you, emm… maybe a little bit!

Long enough since that time and many things happen, but I’m still falling in love with this videography, though I’m not always materialize concretely. Best part is several of my friends still hire me for their video project. I’m documenting their activity, scripting, footaging and editing their documentary video project, and even just a fad to spend our leisure time.

So before you die, it’s okay if you want to hire me on your video or photo project. Please contact me so we can discussing your project. I’ll help to deliver the best solution for your project if I’m not too lazy to do that.

Type: Services
Category: Shooting and Editing
Condition: Based on Contract
Price: Negotiable
Status: TOO LAZY TO DO THAT – Deprecated

Some of those that already documented;

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