patjitan sadja with pahamk

This time I go to the beach with my girlfriend. The one who not help me selling good stuff using my own website, although that just to keep us can go travelling anywhere with our own money. *The best I ever had but not the best in everyplace, not the best in everytime, not the best in everything. Hopefully she can be the best in the right place, the best in the right time, the best in the right thing of me. And for me that is enough, that is complete, that is love of the best I ever had.

We go to the beach in Pacitan, East Java, they call this city “Kota Seribu Goa”. But for us this city have so many beautifull beach, not a thousand beach but some beach have a thousand beauty. Ahahahahaha!!!

Okay, let’s go packing our belonging and ride our motorcycle to go to Pacitan, East Java. Hmbrrrrrrrrmmmmmm Brrrmmm Brmmmmm!!!

patjitan saja

Pergi ke Pantai. [code: Beach is Beautifull]

Day 1: [20140910] Total Value: 156k
11.17: Berangkat. Fuel 18k.
12.17: Take a Rest.
12.57: Lanjut!!!
13.57: Ganti Oli dan Tune Up 65k.
14.07: Drink 10k. Fuel 12k.
14.57: Lanjut!!!
16.17: Take a Rest. Noodle 10k.
16.57: Lanjut!!!
17.57: Take a Rest.
18.37: Sit and Drink 41k.

Day 2: [20140911] Total Value: 721k
03.37: Lanjut!!! Fuel 21k.
05.37: Take a Rest.
06.17: Lanjut!!!
07.17: Reload Logistic 35k.
07.27: Touch Down! Ticket 12k.
07.37: Homestay 370k.
11.17: Go to the Beach. Fuel 14k.
12.37: In the Beach. Ticket 8k.
12.40: Lunch 15k.
14.27: Lunch Again 26k.
16.07: Go Back.
16.47: Payment for Lawyer 1m.
16.57: Reload Logistic 45k.
17.00: Fuel 14k.

Day 3: [20140912] Total Value: 896k
09:57: Go to the Beach.
10.37: Touch Down! Ticket 7k.
12.17: Go to the Other Beach.
13.17: Touch Down! Ticket 7k.
13.27: Lunch 36k. Rent ATV 25k.
14.47: Go Back.
16.17: Touch Down! Dinner 38k.
18.37: Chillin Out. 25k.
21.37: Reload Logistic 37k.
22.07: Go to Sleep.

Day 4: [20140913] Total Value: 1.003,5k
08.17: Checking Out.
08.27: Go Home. Fuel 14k.
09.27: Take a Rest! Drink 2k.
09.47: Lanjut!!!
10.47: Take a Rest!!!
10.50: Lunch 22k. Parkir 2k.
11.27: Drink 10k.
11.47: Lanjut!!!
12.47: Take a Rest.
12.50: Ice Cream 7k. Fuel 18k.
13.17: Lanjut!!!
13.47: at Local Creek. Ticket 7.5k.
13.50: Second Lunch 17k.
14.47: Lanjut!!!
15.47: Take a Rest. Beverage 4k.
15.57: Lanjut!!!
16.57: Take a Rest.
17.00: Strawberry Juice 4k.
17.17: Lanjut!!!
18.07: Touch Down!!!
18.17: at ESS (Endcidential Skateshop Surabaya).

Ps, Not much I can tell about this trip, just look at our photos and #ENDjoy the thousand beauty of the beach in Pacitan, East Java.

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