madiun cinta kamu 3 skateboarding competition

madiun cinta kamu #3 or mck #3 is a local skateboarding competition event in city of madiun. an event that organized by madiun skateboarder at september 7th 2014. one of our skateboard brand, enddustries skateboards was sponsored this event. this event is held in skatepark of taman bantaran, an public space in the side of the river.

If the first and the second MCK was held indoor use unpermanent wood obstacle, now in MCK #3 using permanent concrete obstacle. Its mean this event will be so hard as hard as concrete!!! Ahhahaha…

Many skateboard came to Madiun city to join this event. From Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Banyuwangi, Probolinggo, Blitar, Tulung Agung, Gresik, Ponorogo, Ngawi, Pacitan, Yogyakarta, Bojonegoro, Cepu, Malang, Jombang, Mojokerta and many more. Registration opened from 09.00 AM. Divided in two class, Beginner class and Open class. 68 participants in Beginner class and 26 participants in Open class.

The first round is Beginner qualification round that started at 11.00AM and finished at 01.00PM. At 01.30PM contoniued with Open qualification round till 02.30PM. Final round for Beginner class started at 03.20PM and final round for Open class started at 04.00PM. At 04.20PM the competition is done and continued with the best trick contest.

Except Rafi Kurniawan, all ENDdustries Skateboards rider, Satria Adjeh, Dimas Febriantha, Bayu Arindra and Anank Rawk join in the Open class and all done do their run. But only Satria Adjeh that continued to Final round Open class.

This the result for the competition:

Beginner Class:
Tio – Sidoarjo 1st
Rafi Made – Surabaya 2nd
John Doe – … 3rd
Open Class:
Satria Adjeh – Surabaya 1st
Gregorious Aldwin – Surabaya 2nd
Aldo – Probolinggo 3rd

Best Trick:
Adit Smile – Madiun
Heelflip to 50-50 Grind on Down Ledge

Fun Trick Game:
Satria Adjeh – Surabaya
Ollie Huge Drop In

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