korn live concert at missoula, montana – february 23, 2020

korn live concert at missoula, montana at february 23, 2020

#selitekk this is front row view live concert of korn at missoula, montana on february 23, 2020. all in ultra hd quality picture and sound but not all song recorded, please check this setlist;

  • here to stay
  • blind
  • (not recorded) clown
  • cold
  • (not recorded) you’ll never find me
  • (not recorded) can you hear me
  • shoots and ladders (with “one” by metallica snippet)
  • got the life
  • (not recorded) faget
  • (not recorded) somebody someone
  • (not recorded) make me bad
  • (not recorded) freak on a leash
  • encore:
    • (not recorded) 4 u
    • (not recorded) twist
    • coming undone (with “we will rock you” by queen snippet)
    • falling away from me

enjoy it! thank’s for watching this video and thank’s a lot for erynn halvorson for took all the footages, please subscribe to his youtube channel; erynn halvorson youtube channel

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