gifts for the skateboarder who loves vintage and custom motorcycle

in the last few years, many skateboarders rebuild, restore, and customize vintage or classic motorcycles because it’s cool. and for skateboarder which is a true adventurer, there’s is a lot of fun and more challenging skate trip can be done by riding motorcycles and build a camp anywhere in the road when they need to take a rest. more places can be explored, of course, more skate spot can be marked.

ess [endcidential skateboards shop and supply] bring you one of the best handmade traditional mexican serape blankets. this mexican serape blanket rolled with a handmade leather strap by endhonesa fashion. we call this product “endhonesa serape blanket roll“. we designed this for motorcycles but it can also be used on bicycles, backpacks or even carried by hand. the serape blanket is great for the beach, under sleeping bags, or just for rest under a tree.

a mexican serape blanket is a must-have for any true adventurer. because there in california, they can tell any true wanderer by the wear on their mexican blanket. get your challenging skate trip started with this “endhonesa serape blanket roll“.

product specification:

  • high-quality leather straps, hand-cutting
  • straps are 20 cm apart
  • straps are riveted together for extra strength and durability
  • high-quality buckles keep the serape blanket in place
  • blanket measures 225cm by 125cm
  • the blanket is 100% acrylic and machine washable

the traditional mexican serape blanket used for this product was imported from mexico through the top lead mexican blanket brand, molina, and artesanias f.r. inc. the leather strap included with this product was handmade by a surabaya leather artist worker hired by endhonesa fashion. make this “endhonesa serape blanket roll” become a favorite handmade gift for bikers.

for more info about how to order this product, please contact our ess [endcidential skateboards shop and supply]

some photos taken from google.

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