end.12.12.12 (doomsday) skateboarding video

People said in the edge of 2012, the doomsday will happen. They said it’ll be the END of the world. But for us it’ll be our chance to change everything. With several skateboarder in Surabaya, we create skateboarding brands, Meck Wheels, Penel Bearings and Dagger Grip Tape.

We starting intensively discuss about this. The whole plan of this all. From the idea, concept, manufacturing, distributing, promotion and anything else needed. An accident happen and we dont know how it can happen, what we know is we starting this by create a video to release and promote our new skateboarding brands. We’re working hard for the video that called the DOOMSDay Video. We’ll premiered the video in 12.12.2012, and this date was accident too.

We working hard for the video, since making the video is our first time working together. Finally we can finish the video, not on time but its done finally. And the DOOMSDay happen, maybe causes by the tired of us, the personal of us, the egoism of us or anything else, we’re seperated. Alsmost all of this unrealized. The DOOMSDay video finished and premiered online. The Dagger Grip Tape released with really minim products. This make some of us feel relieved, some again feel disapponted and some again feel indifferent.

actually this video was made not as the end of everything but this video become our farewell.
actually this is not doomsday but it was our doomsday.
actually this video is beginning of us to against this world but we can’t against ourself to start it all.
actually it’s us against the doomsday but it’s us defeated by ourself.
actually we are god of our skateboarding not you or they but we not believe that god is exist.

this video brought to you by: Dagger Griptape, Meck Wheels, Penel Bearings and ENDdustries Skateboards, and that absolutely true.

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