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The community organizer said that the audio visual (picture and video) could be used as a media for community education, advocacy and organizing. Audio visual media also practical and useful to influence the policy maker on any problem in the community. It has been realized that the audio visual media (picture and video) were not neutral, the person behind the media must had strong perspective to promote the values and local knowledge and also solidarity work networking among community.

Basically grassroot community have experiences based knowledge. They need appropriate approach and technique when they organized and educate people. The pictures and videos are one of media for community education. Community reflected themselves and plan their future using picture and video .this reflection could be use to formulate and systematized their idea to get new knowledge.

perempuan perkasa

The participants will be facilitated specially to understanding and designing popular media.

Critical education as a perspective and methodology because media is facilitator language. Using the media is a must if we would like to follow principles of critical education philosophy. It would emphasized the participants to produce a knowledge from their own experience not just copying others people theory or formula. According to this, the facilitators could not do if they only such preaches without discussion with the participants.

Currently, there are a lot of activist facilitator that using digital camera and video. Are they use that kinds of equipments as education media, organize and advocacy? It should be a good chance to explore this tools for education, organizing and advocating.

Community education media development workshop should be also a chance for video and camera digital users to share their experience and knowlegde on utilizing the pictures and video for community education. This media has core task, such as :

  1. Helping the community to develop critical awareness
  2. Helping the community to think and analyze their own problems.
  3. Helping the community to get new understanding and new awareness.

Community Education Video – Jogjakarta:

suara sudut
suka nawar apa gak?

List of the video: Perang Air (click here for download), Namaku Dian (click here for download), Jukir (click here for download), Suara Sudut (click here for download), Perempuan Perkasa (click here for download), Suka Nawar gak? (click here for download).

Ps, if the link is broken, ask FBI for the reason!

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