Journey Of Love Because Love Is Verb

Journey Of Love Because Love Is Verb.It is a story of the foundation of why Mokshfeast was created. Please read it completely! Love is something we must do at any time without denial! To give or do the best when … Continued

Selamat Idul Fitri 1440 Hijriah (Video Kepuommmpoonggg)

Melalui Video Kepuommmpoonggg Ini, Mamak Bullshit Mengucapkan: Selamat Idul Fitri 1440 Hijriah, 5 Juni 2019 dan Selamat Merayakan Go Skateboarding Day, 21 Juni 2019. 10 tahun lalu peristiwa ini terjadi dan dokumentasinya berupa footage lama dalam videotape milik mereka yang … Continued

Sneak Peek CARIIDE.ID Mobile App

Mamak Bullshit! Sneak Peek CARIIDE.ID Mobile App.CARIIDE.ID or CI is the best app to find, develop and realize any idea, both innovation and entrepreneurship. Thank’s so much for watching this video!Please subscribe to this my Youtube channel;

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