apa itu karantivi?

apa itu karantivi?!? karantivi itu panggung virtual di gersang industri, di musim pandemi, di mana akar rumput menolak mati tapi #bukangalangdana! lebih selebihnya silahkan dilihat video-video ini sampai selesai! okays! thank’s for reading, watching, and listening! please visit, subscribe or … Continued

mb! live: stream live video online (trial again)

this just a trial stream live video online on youtube. okays! thank’s for reading, watching, and listening! please visit, subscribe or follow, like, comment, and share all my content; visit my website: https://straight-line.org/subscribe to my youtube: https://crot.straight-line.org/47/naxzfollow my instagram: https://crot.straight-line.org/47/zcg5follow my facebook: https://crot.straight-line.org/47/85ehlike or … Continued

buy-yo! app – an e-commerce app for college student

panas? ribet? malu? pusing? danusan hari gini masih aja jualan risol? wakakak nombok terus lagi?! hmmm🤔 butuh jalan keluar? 😋😋😋 #dibuyyo #beliyobuyyo #buyyoid buy-yo! adalah aplikasi e-commerce yang memfasilitasi mahasiswa untuk dapat memenuhi kebutuhan dasar yang mengarahkan akses transaksi di … Continued

gopro view by indra kumon – obstacle diary #50

A skateboarding clip by Mamak Bullshit! GoPro View by Indra Kumon – Obstacle Diary #50. A video as a receipt when Indra Kumon wearing GoPro and try make run with his skateboard at Bungkul skatepark, Surabaya – Indonesia. Skateboard: A … Continued

digital marketing proposal for kml food

delivering on your digital objectives overview project proposal: comprehensive digital marketing friend: pt. kelola mina laut delivered on: 19 july 2019 submitted by: mamak kurniawanof moksha indonesia overview dear my friend, thank you for the opportunity to discuss about kml food‘s … Continued

50-50 grind frontside out – trick without tips #47

A skateboarding clip by Mamak Bullshit! 50-50 Grind Frontside Out – Trick Without Tips #47 A video as a receipt when Mamak Kurniawan showing how he landed his 50-50 grind frontside out on a fun box at Ketabang skatepark, Surabaya … Continued

the best freelance wordpress jobs for me

this is a documentation of what i think is the best in the last 47 months. hopefully it can be a experience that can be learned. all written here sourced from facebook, messenger and gmail (gsuite). searching… monday, 8 july … Continued

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