jabal ar-rahmah video

Ruang dan waktu aku bertemu dengan apa yang aku bisa, apa yang aku suka dan apa yang aku ingin lakukan menggunakan apa yang aku punya untuk meraih apa yang aku butuhkan. itulah jabal ar-rahmah. The space and time I was … Continued

end.12.12.12 (doomsday) skateboarding video

People said in the edge of 2012, the doomsday will happen. They said it’ll be the END of the world. But for us it’ll be our chance to change everything. With several skateboarder in Surabaya, we create skateboarding brands, Meck Wheels, … Continued

from summit to sea

From Summit to Sea [Straight Line Production House] Type: ServicesCategory: Shooting and EditingCondition: Based on ContractPrice: NegotiableStatus: DONE AND FORGETED – DoomsDay Origin Straight-Line.Org supported by Diploma 3 Mechanical Engineering ITS Surabaya and sponsored by Tas Kayu a Local Brand from Surabaya … Continued

trailer end.12.12.12 (doomsday)

Trailer END.12.12.12 (DOOMSDay). Introducing skateboarder: Sony Septianto, Indrajetz, Mamak Kurniawan, Fahry Adja, Haryo Awonggo, Etha Lumandyo and Afri Ansyah. Full video premiered at http://www.enddustries.com/ Presented by Meck Wheels, Penel Bearings, Dagger Grip Tape and ENDdustries Skateboards. Check this some photos … Continued

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