all hail’s dad: daddy do skateboarding practice for the next summer olympics games tokyo 2021

…26 august 2018. a video as a receipt, my receipt when a men do skateboard practice for tokyo @olympics 2021. #energyofasia. #shot09952 📲: @ecasajaa. skateboard: a skateboard is a type of sports equipment used primarily for the sport of skateboarding. … Continued

all hail #25bulan: balita belajar bernyanyi lagu layang-layang

ini adalah video ketika all hail sedang belajar bernyanyi lagu layang-layang bersama bundanya. di video ini all hail sudah berusia dua tahun lebih satu bulan atau #25thmonth. ceritanya ini adalah canda tawa sebelum tidur yang dilakukan all hail bersama bundanya. … Continued

all hail #13bulan: mengajak bayi bermain kupu-kupu di penang butterfly farm

ini adalah video ketika all hail mengunjungi penang butterfly farm, yang saat ini lebih dikenal dengan nama entopia by penang butterfly farm. all hail sudah berusia satu tahun lebih sebulan atau #13thmonth. salah satu tempat istimewah di penang adalah butterfly … Continued

truth meaning of foo fighters monkey wrench song: it’s about dave grohl dysfunctional relationship

hi, everyone! as big fans of foo fighters, i’m curious about the meaning of that song. so, i do some research about foo fighters monkey wrench song.from many resources that i have found, this video is one of the best … Continued

all hail ngobrol: obrolan all hail tentang bermain, bekerja, dan alasan all hail ingin camping.

halo teman-teman! kali ini all hail ngobrol bersama ayah tentang bermain di kantor all hail, tentang pekerjaan all hail bikin website, aplikasi, dan bikin skateboard. lalu all hail juga ngobrol tentang alasan all hail ingin camping di hutan gunung bersama … Continued

all hail #13thmonth: baby driving car in penang esplanade – kids safety riding

hi, everyone! this another video documentation of all hail, the cute baby boy. in july 2017, he visiting his grandmother for the first time in penang, malaysia. after he meets his grandmother, he wants to take a walk in the … Continued

dave grohl of foo fighters and nirvana – dave grohl walk with me at ac/dc washington dc concert

hi, this is dave grohl of foo fighters and nirvana. dave grohl ask me to walk with him at ac/dc washington dc concert before i take photo with him. enjoy watching all video on this channel!!! sorry, i’m on vacation … Continued