biji nyam-nyam (the seeds are yummy)

“Nyam-Nyam” is a term used by my twenty month baby boy refer to the seeds of the saga tree. He always said “Nyam-Nyam” whenever he sees the saga seed in our yard. If you translate Indonesian to English using Google Translate, “Nyam-Nyam” means “Yummy”. That’s why when I heard he said “Nyam-Nyam”, I’ll always reply, “Yes, it’s true. The seeds are yummy. Take it but don’t eat it!”.

You can check one of my listing on this ENDHONESA Online Marketplace with title: Red Lucky Seeds of The Saga Tree (Adenanthera Pavonina). This Nyam-Nyam seeds or the red lucky seeds or seeds of the precious Saga tree (Adenanthera Pavonina) can be used as beads for your handmade jewellery.

These amazing Nyam-Nyam seeds fall in my backyard. I collect them and choose the most beautiful ones for jewellery. All Nyam-Nyam seeds are handpicked and pre washed by myself so it’s ready to be drilled for jewellery or craft making. This Nyam-Nyam seeds no longer water resistant after you drill it.

It takes me about 1 hours to get 1000 seeds, but I charge only US$12.46 per 100 seeds (not drilled) include shipping. These Nyam-Nyam seeds are vibrant, fresh and full of Mana (Power in Hawaiian). Thank you so much for supporting Indonesian seller like me if this Nyam-Nyam seeds calls to you, every minute collecting and sorting this Nyam-Nyam seeds is a joy for me.

This Nyam-Nyam seeds have a rich history and can be found all over the world. Nyam-Nyam seeds came from the precious Saga tree (Adenanthera Pavonina). In Jamaica, the locals making necklaces with this Nyam-Nyam seeds. The locals picking this Nyam-Nyam seeds right off the shrubs. The locals said that this Nyam-Nyam seeds is coffee beans with the red skin still on. The red skin is called Cascara, which can be used for tea. The whole Nyam-Nyam seeds with skins are Coffee Cherries. Coffee Cherries or red lucky seeds is common name in Jamaica.

Actually, this Nyam-Nyam seeds has a number of other common names, Seeds of Adenanthera Gersenii Scheff., Adenanthera Polita Miq., Arbre À Église, Acacia Coral, Anikundumani, Bandi Guruvenda, Barbados Pride, Barricarri, Bead Tree, Corallaria Parvifolia Rumph, Coral Pea, Corail Végétale, Circassian Bean, Coral Wood Seeds, Seeds of Coralitos, Curly Bean, Deleite, Delicia, Dilmawi, False Wili Wili, Graine-Réglisse, Haihongdou, Hua ‘Ula ‘Ula, Jumbi-Bead, Kongquedou, Kunchandana, Laihere, L’Église, Lera, Lopa, Ma Klam Ton, Madatiya, Maklam-Tah-Chang, Manchadi, Manjadi, Manjetti, Seeds of Peacock Flower Fence, Peronías, Peonía, Peonía Extranjera, Red Bead Tree, Red Sandalwood Seeds, Seeds of Red Sandalwood Tree, Réglisse, Saga Tree Seeds, Red Lucky Seeds and Indonesian called as Saga Tungteng and Sogok Telik.

This Nyam-Nyam seeds is a large fast growing timber tree that can be found growing wild in India and it can grow up to 20+ meters tall. It has been widely introduced in warm temperament regions. It’s well known for it’s many uses and it’s ability to fix Nitrogen and thus help rejuvenate soils.

Overall a beautiful perennial, deciduous tree of the legume family (Fabaceae). After the leaf-fall, flowers appear on long stalks (8-12cm) from the ends of the new shoots. These are faintly scented like orange blossoms. The petals are cream-yellow turning dull orange. The pods are long (15-20cm), curved and green, but don’t coil until they begin to split whereupon they also turn blackish. Bright red seeds will litter the ground and children are often attracted to them. These attractive Nyam-Nyam seeds have been used as beads in jewellery, leis and rosaries. They were also used in ancient India for weighing gold. This Nyam-Nyam seeds are curiously similar in weight. Four Nyam-Nyam seeds make up about one gram. The ground seeds are used to treat boils and inflammation, as well as an industrial lubricant oil.

As a food source the young leaves can be cooked and eaten. They are also used to supplement animal fodder or mulched to fertilize crops. The raw seeds are toxic and may cause intoxication, however they are roasted and boiled in many cultures to be served with different dishes. It’s said they taste like soy beans, are rich in oil and proteins and can easily be digested by both humans and livestock.

Other medicinal uses include a red powder made from the wood is used as an antiseptic paste and the leaves are used to treat gout and rheumatism. The bark is used to wash hair.

The hard, reddish wood is used to make cabinets, boats and furniture often in place of true sandalwood. With exposure to light, the wood slowly turns purplish-red. It is also valued as firewood as it burns well. The tree resprouts new branches easily and so is not damaged by harvesting for firewood. A red dye is obtained from the wood and used by the Brahmins to make religious markings on their foreheads.

It’s all about briding the gap from earth to sky, root to crown, outer layers to inner and meeting yourself with love at every moment. It’s full of soulful stones that inspire connection and personal growth, that evoke the memories of a long walk in the woods, that are a reflection of your own character and beauty. It’s for you, on your own journey of soul searching.

All Hail: Nyam-Nyam seeds!
All Hail’s Father: Yes, it’s true. The seeds are yummy. Take it but don’t eat it!

Unique And Handcrafted Nyam-Nyam Seeds Necklace. Natural Eco-Friendly Full Of Soulful Beads, Saga Tree Seeds / The Red Lucky Seeds / Nyam-Nyam Seeds.

This handcrafted nyam-nyam seeds necklace was made with the red lucky (nyam-nyam) seeds or Saga tree seeds, hand-knotted on red silk string, tied together with a red silk tassel and with a rudraksha seed guru bead.

Each Necklace Use 101 Beautiful Nyam-Nyam Seeds. I collect and choose the most beautiful ones of nyam-nyam seeds for this necklace. All seeds are handpicked in my backyard and pre washed by me so it’s ready to be drilled for necklace craft making.

Seeds With A Rich History In All Over The World. This nyam-nyam seeds have a rich history and can be found all over the world. It’s came from the precious Saga tree (Adenanthera Pavonina). In Jamaica, the locals making necklaces with this seeds.

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