all hail 13th month: baby driving car in penang esplanade – kids safety riding

ALL HAIL 13th Month: Baby Driving Car In Penang Esplanade – Kids Safety Riding.
ALL HAIL Usia 13 Bulan: Bayi Mengendarai Mobil di Padang Kota Lama, Penang – Kids Safety Riding.

Hi, everyone! This another video documentation of All Hail, my baby boy. In July 2017, he visiting his grandmother for the first time in Penang, Malaysia. After he meets his grandmother, he wants to take a walk in the afternoon while driving a car on the beach or waterfront. So he driving a car to the Penang Esplanade.

Halo semua! Ini arsip dokumentasi video yang lain milik All Hail, anak lelakiku yang saat itu masih bayi. Di bulan Juli tahun 2017, dia mengunjungi neneknya untuk pertama kalinya di Penang, Malaysia. Setelah dia berjumpa dengan neneknya, dia ingin jalan-jalan sore sambil mengendarai mobil di pantai. Jadi All Hail mengendarai sebuah mobil dan jalan-jalan di Padang Kota Lama, Penang.

baby driving car

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