a new spell for urbanites

Mokshfeast is a new spell for urbanites. Since Mokshfeast is an urban art festivals carried out in an open space, which puts forward an environmentally friendly message as self-enlightenment to more positive direction.

Finally, #mokshapeople is free to spell the beauty of nature, even explore the wisdom of its local culture. They can also interpret their own relationship with nature, seeking the deepest awareness that nature is a never been exhumed source of knowledge and happiness. Indeed, the Mokshfeast spell was able to make everyone fall in love at that time.

new spell for urbanites

Join The Next Journey!
We invite everyone to a new Mokshfeast experience (Mokshadelic Season), encourage them to recognize the nature, understand the culture, celebrate themselves, and discovering a new untold story in their life as #mokshapeople.

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