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just an incredible science by me;

airplane toilet flush vs toilet paper tissue roll, try at your own risk.

hi, it’s me! some of my friends used to call me mamak kurniawan. now i’m residing in surabaya. i’m formerly an internet con-artist who has an obsessive-compulsive disorder but not too severe. what i meant by an internet con-artist is the user of everything crafted by ms. tiffany viljevac. so, please advise me and bless me if you understand. now i’m on my effort to keep on the straight and narrow.

ps, this website is a documentary, an adventure and equipment for my effort  to keep on the straight and narrow, a kind of straight line of my life. please hit my photo below to completely read the straight lines of my life!

while i’m selling online for skateshop indonesia and endhonesa online store, i’m running the all hail afietadis llf. as a family-owned business company with the main focus is to identify and set the direction toward my family’s most important goals. this main focus includes the research and development of ideas and concepts; embedding digital, analytics, and design into core processes and mind-sets; building capabilities that help my family to thrive in a state that is constantly changing; and developing supremacy in processing to make sure that actions translate into outcomes, quickly and sustainably. sometimes it’s also able to help you who is honest and nice across various sectors, both public and private, in the world and the hereafter, to create the change in the ways that matter most to you. so, let’s cooperate without harming and hurting!

live in reality doesn’t need any more lip service and deception (that impersonate politeness) to reach something (that actually harming and hurting the others) because digital technology and digital world undoubtedly become everything for everyone (take a note, it become everything), everyone can get everything, shit-flavored chocolate, chocolate-flavored chocolate, chocolate-flavored shit and shit-flavored shit. it will make the reality much and much better than today (that’s what I believe) since reality is the only thing that’s real (james halliday quote), finally all of us (all the afietadis) can get everything, in reality, is as it is, chocolate-flavored chocolate and shit-flavored shit.

straight lines of my life to reach...

let's cooperate with me!

only if i’m not too lazy to do that.

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